How the Attorney General Texas Enforces Child Support

The office of the attorney general texas Child Support Division was recognized as a leading child support program in the US last month. The National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA) voted the texas program as the finest in the country and awarded the division the Outstanding Program Award during NCSEA’s 2014 Annual Training Conference and Expo in Portland, Ore. During the ceremony, Texas Attorney General commented that the accomplishment of the program was mainly due to hard work, which saw an increase in child support collections in the state. Nonetheless, there is more to the achievement of the Texas Child Support Division.

attorney general texas

attorney general texas

To start with, Child Support in Texas is enforceable from the office of the Attorney General. Therefore, parents seeking child support may instigate the process through the offices of the Attorney General. Through the TAG (Texas Attorney General) offices, parents can access services such as tracing missing parents, determining legal paternity, imposing child support disbursements as well as revising Child Support payments after every three years. All of these services are offered to parents upon their application to the attorney general’s office.

Furthermore, single parents currently under state or federal government assistance are automatically eligible to the program, as well as Child Support services in Texas. While providing these services, custodial parents are not liable for any expenses accrued over the course of securing Child Support. This innovative, plaintiff-favorable approach has contributed largely to the success of the program. So how does the Texas Attorney general offices enforce Child Support?

Attorney General Texas Intercept Child Support Funds

The TAG employs several methods to impose Child Support payments. These methods are used because of their proven success rate when it comes to making non-custodial parents honor their obligations. For instance, the TAG office can intercept income tax refund checks, from which they can automatically deduct child support payments from non-custodial parents. Through this, the Attorney General office in Texas helped collect more than $3.6 billion in child support for the 2013 fiscal year.

Attorney General Texas Passes Favorable Child Support Laws

The TAG office also passed Child Support laws meant to assure children receive child support from non-custodial parents. The Texas law provides a mathematical formula for calculating the amount payable by non-custodial parent for child support. This number is revised after every three years through a court order so as to take into account growing needs. Non-custodial parents are expected to pay this child support until the child reaches 18 years, or graduates from high school, whichever comes later. Should the child turn 18, and is still in high school, child support must be paid. However, if a child is disabled, then child support payments may continue indefinitely, according to Texas Child Support Laws.

How Attorney General Texas Office Calculates Child Support Payment

According to the law in Texas, child support payments are deliberated as a percentage of the net income of the non-custodial parent. The rate conforms to the number of children in need of child support. Net income here is described as everything from wages and salary earned, compensations, as well as dividends received by the custodial parent. An accessible website places parents seeking custody with the attorney general texas.

The Texas Attorney General Child support interactive

The Texas Attorney General Child support Interactive: One step to solving child support litigation issues


The Texas Attorney General Child support interactive

The Texas Attorney General Child support interactive

Information has never been easy to find especially that relating to Custodial issues. However, this is not the case in Texas. The Texas Attorney General has set up a child support program where information relating to child issues can be accessed by the aggrieved parties. The information is posted on their website: Texas Attorney General Child support interactive. Since the child support interactive is a public initiative, information posted on the website is public in nature. The information shared touches on laws relating to child support in the State of Texas. 

The Reason behind the Texas Attorney General Child Support Interactive

Initially, disputed parties faced many problems relating to the procedure of filling for child support issues and claims and it was for that reason that the website was set up to enable such people familiarize with the facts of the issue at hand before moving to court to settle paternity issues. The information as well helps people who are seeking to locate parties involved in child support issues, especially on payments as well as the agencies of government that are privy to the case. Being an online platform, the Texas Attorney General Child support interactive offers the general public a lot of information that helping for people who are going through challenging times in relation to child support issues.

Who makes use of the Texas Attorney General Child support interactive?

The general public and Persons who are connected in one way or the other to a child support complaint, including those in the process of filing the issue with a court of law may find the program useful. These people are attracted to the website for various reasons, including familiarizing with information on child support legislations, checking the progress of child support litigations, and may also want to know more about the services offered by the state of Texas in relation to child support.

Accessibility of the Texas Attorney General Child support interactive 

The Texas Attorney General Child support interactive is a state-run public website. It must be pointed out, nevertheless, that in order to benefit from the Texas attorney general child support interactive, potential users must register with the office of the attorney general after which they are provided with specific identification numbers.

The import of the Texas Attorney General Child support interactive to residents of Texas

The challenging aspect of the child support issues relates to insufficient information. The office of attorney general in Texas was initiated the program to fill that space. The Texas Attorney General Child support interactive is a helpful interactive platform that aims to speed up the delivery of services with the aim of finding solutions to issues relating to child support litigation.

For more information relating to child support litigation, please the office of attorney general in Texas or simply register to access the information posted on the Texas attorney general child support interactive website. Don’t perish for lack of information. We are here to help you understand the fact surrounding your child support issues.


Informative And Educative Details About Texas Attorney General Child Support Rules

Introduction to attorney general child support rules in Texas

Texas attorney general child support

Texas attorney general child support

The Texas attorney general child support rules are primarily meant to ensure that parents take proper care of their children. These rules are usually enforced through the Texas child support division to help parents obtain or pay child support payments. This division does not charge any fee since it only facilitate the proper payment of the support money and also providing lawyers for child support cases. As a result, even parents who cannot afford lawyers are given proper legal representation through the division’s lawyers.

People who are required to pay child support payments

Noncustodial parents are usually the ones responsible for paying child support in Texas. This payment requires to be done until the child or children in question attains the age of eighteen or completes high school, whichever comes first. It is not a requirement that the two parents were married at some point as long as there is prove that the person being sued is the biological parent of the child. These rules also stipulate that a guardian or a custodian parent such as a grandfather requires a court order the court can establish primary custody. The rules that are set in child support cases are required to be followed by both parents and do everything the court had asked. In Texas more than ninety percent of the noncustodial parents are men and therefore they are overwhelmingly the majority when it comes to paying child support money.

How to calculate child support payments according to the Texas attorney general child support rules

These rules stipulate the formula that should be used while calculating the amount that a noncustodial parent is required to pay. A person earning less than $7, 500 per month is required to pay twenty percent for one child and twenty five percent for two children living in the same household. Children who live in different households require the court to make a special ruling depending on the income of the noncustodial parent. People earning more than $7, 501 are also treated individually where the judge can rule depending on the net income of the person being sued. In Texas, medical support is usually not included in the child support amount since the court assumes that the noncustodial parent will also pay for the medical costs. Furthermore, if the custodian parent provides health insurance coverage for the children, the noncustodial parent is required to pay more in child support.

Penalties and failure to pay child support money

The collection of child support money in Texas is done directly from the noncustodial parent’s paycheck. In fact employers are required to fill and submit child support forms so as to ensure all the employees pay the child support they should be paying. In case an employee loses his or her job, it is advisable to immediately report to the child support division. This is because in case one fails to make payment, that person will still owe the money he or she was expected to be paying even for the period that the person did not have a job. Failure to pay without prove that one was not able to pay is a felony charge of contempt of court and conviction can have serious consequences. Therefore, the Texas Attorney General Child Support Interactive rules take paying the right amount very seriously.

Enjoying the well developed services offered by attorney general Texas


Attorney general Texas

Attorney general Texas

The contemporary society has been faced with a lot of challenges when it comes to raising-up children and the right applications recognized by law that should be observed by every parent. Due to these emerging issues, lit is always important to consult the advice and services of attorney general while in Texas. Attorney general are trained professionals who have the knowledge, skills and experience to handle legal issues with a lot of professionalism and observance the lawyers code of ethic to represent clients in the most reasonable and clear ways while still maintaining high level discipline and conduct that leads more clients to trust their services.

Following the right support program through attorney general Texas

Through these services in Texas, you will be able to follow a perfect stipulated law that is acceptable by law and be able to get the best perfect assistance. Child support is a key important aspect of life and this is well dealt buy attorney generals in Texas. It helps to give children the best of support and help them in getting their rights while still remaining focused on the issues that press them and to what levels they need to be advised as children while finding the best possible solutions that will seek to raise them up in a society where people are fast changing and chasing destiny. Parents sometimes lack enough time to spend with their children and this may even affect their growth and development.

Texas child support a clear: benefits of attorney general

The Texas child support program is a full-fledged and well managed department led by an ombudsman who is always keen to observe on the legal issues affecting people and most probably children. The child support program seeks to obtain the right support to parents who are in need of offering the right support to children. The rights of the parents as well as those of the child are always highly observed to ensure that law is followed and that the right approach of dealing with issues is not biased and well balanced to come up with amicable solutions. It is a case-by-case basis that seeks to help children and place them in a perfect platform where they are able to work on issues and be highly protected. 

Helping your child grow through attorney general Texas services

Attorney general Texas seeks to touch on the most important areas and there are those that cover on a wide scope such as locating an absent parent, establishing and focusing on enforcement of medical support orders, enforcing and establishing child support orders, adjusting and reviewing the payments of child support and finally collecting and perfectly distributing child support payments. All these processes are supported by the office of the Attorney General and it is as important as it provides every parent the best child support service at no cost. The services are highly valued and funded by federal government plus the state of Texas. It has been of great help to many parents and their children as they are able to enjoy life and live comfortably with no occasional worries.

Joan Rivers – Comedy and Showmanship

joan rivers

joan rivers

Joan Rivers is a comedic genius who, with her stiff upper lip after many setbacks in her career, rose above the hard times and created an industry within itself. Ms. Rivers made her national television debut on the much loved Johnny Carson show in 1965. This literally launched her career and before long, after several subsequent appearances elsewhere as well as the Johnny Carson show and the Ed Sullivan Show, Joan Rivers eventually became a household name.

Young Ms. Rivers

Rivers was born in 1933 in Brooklyn New York to Russian parents and some say her father, a doctor, was her inspiration for her comedy know-how and quick wit. She realized at an early age performing was her passion and because of her gutsy determination, made her way to become an entertainer. She did however, decide to pursue a boring short-lived career in a retail business as a buyer where she met and fell in love with the owner’s son. Rivers’ spunky and humorous associations with words obviously made her realize soon after their marriage, much more awaited her under the bright lights of the stage. The marriage ended quickly, allowing Rivers to ramp up her determination to succeed as a stand-up comedian which for the next several years, allowed her to gain the experience she so desperately needed.

Rivers and the Tonight Show

Perhaps the single most defining moment in Joan Rivers’ career was her first appearance on the Johnny Carson Show. With her fresh, sometimes gritty delivery of amazingly funny comedy, she was an instant sensation. With the help of Carson, Rivers’ career launched into overdrive with appearances on the Ed Sullivan show, and eventually starring in her own show, “That Show with Joan Rivers”, while still making regular appearances on both the Johnny Carson Show and the Ed Sullivan Show. Rivers’ popularity had risen to the point where Johnny Carson made her a permanent guest host. However, her rise in popularity had an unfortunate downfall with Carson when FOX Broadcasting offered to place her in her own late night show, “The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers” which upset Carson to the point he stopped all communication with her. This was presumably due to Rivers not consulting with him first, but the real reason was because according to Rivers, a misunderstanding with NBC and not Carson. Nevertheless, Caron’s association with Rivers ended as did her show after only one season.

joan rivers 2

Rivers makes another comeback

River’s career suffered a downturn after the falling out with Carson and the loss of her husband, but her same old gutsy determination allowed her to reinvent herself as a daytime talk show host, which earned her an Emmy Award and that coveted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1990. Then in 1994, she earned a Tony Award nomination for best actress in the movie, “Sally Marr and Her Escorts.” Oh and lest we forget, Rivers found another suitable home for her funny wisecracks during a ten year run as host of E! “Live from the Red Carpet” that ended in 2004.

Throughout her amazing career, Rivers made millions of people laugh, and laugh hard. As much as she made wisecracks at others, she was equally hard on herself. Perhaps only to “level the playing field” so to speak, she always makes sure we understand she is just like everyone else, but only Joan Rivers could make us laugh out loud at ourselves, thanks to her comedy prowess and showmanship.